Trauma Releasing Exercises

TRE uses a series of simple exercises to deliberately invoke the body’s innate recovery reflex of involuntary shaking and tremoring in a safe and controlled way.

TRE activates these ‘neurogenic tremors’ (which can be deliberately stopped and self-regulated at any time to ensure you are always in control of the process) as they are the body’s natural mechanism to physically discharge and release the effects of unresolved stress, tension and trauma.

As TRE focuses on the physical release from the body, there is no need to recall or talk about past events, allowing the vast majority of people to use the process on an ongoing and regular basis without requiring the ongoing need for the TRE provider.

TRE has been shown to be beneficial to anyone with any level of physical stress or tension in their life and is an empowering process to help create greater freedom, flexibility and flow in your body, mind and life.

Kindly Contributed by: Richmond Heath – Physiotherapist: Trauma Release Australia 

Generally, the TRE provider will take a history of your physical and mental health to ensure you don’t have any major medical or mental health conditions that are beyond their specific scope of practice. After being given an overview of what TRE is, how it is done and how to self-regulate the tremors, you will be lead through a series of simple exercises to invoke an involuntary tremor generally starting in the legs. The final exercises involve you lying on the floor and allowing the tremors to move throughout the body as they require. Once tremoring, you will experience how to stop the tremors at any time so you are always in control of the process. After tremoring for approximately 10-15 minutes, you will be given advice as to the ongoing use of TRE. Generally 2-3 follow up sessions are recommended to ensure you are able to understand and integrate the process thoroughly .

Kindly Contributed by: Richmond Heath – Physiotherapist: Trauma Release Australia 

While TRE is a relatively new approach and has spread to more than 30 countries around the world, it is not recommended as a stand-alone treatment for any medical conditions including PTSD. 

If you have any major medical or mental health conditions or a history of severe or complete trauma, please ensure that your TRE Provider has additional professional skills and qualification to manage your specific condition.

Reported benefits of TRE include:

  • improved sleep
  • reduced stress
  • more balanced emotions
  • mental clarity
  • increased energy
  • reduced pain
  • more relaxed breathing
  • deeper meditation
  • more harmonious relationships
  • faster sports recovery
  • improved sexuality
  • better movement and flexibility
  • improved core stability
  • deeper relaxation
  • enhanced creativity
  • general sense of peace and wellbeing.

Kindly Contributed by: Richmond Heath – Physiotherapist: Trauma Release Australia 


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