A tarot reading is where a practitioner uses tarot cards to gain insights to your life and decision you need to make. Tarot is often used by psychics and clairvoyance as a tool to assist them tuning in.

The most common tarot pack used is the Rider Waite pack, but there are many variation of cards used by modern day practitioners. Your practitioner will be disciplined and well versed in reading, interpreting and communicating to you. They will not need to refer to notes or books, unless they are still “new” at learning the art.

Each card in the tarot pack had a different meaning and when placed with other cards, means something else again. Always be aware that the interpretation of the layout is where the reading has their gift. A good reader will be able to give you helpful insights into your questions and concerns an excellent reader will give you time frames as well.

It is always best to go to a reading with a specific purpose. Going to just see what comes up is a waste of your time and the practitioners as well. Having open communication with your reader will ensure you get the most out of your reading. If you’re bent on putting your reader through hoops to see if they get things right, you are only sabotaging yourself of a beneficial reading.

Your tarot reading will probably ask you want you want to focus on in your reading. They will ask you to shuffle the cards whilst thinking about your focus point. Note: the cards are bigger than a normal deck so go slowly so you don’t drop them all over the floor.

Your reader will lay the cards out in several different spreads to gain information relating to your direct question. During this process is where they will flag other things coming up in your life, or things to be aware of such as: your car is due for a service, or slow down on the roads for the next 2 months to avoid a speed camera fine. These flags are the universe using a feather to warn you of different things. The universe would prefer to warn you with a feather rather than a sledgehammer, so take notice.

Your reading will last around 30-60 minutes.

  • Gain answers and direction
  • Awareness of upcoming opportunity and concerns
  • Understand those around you better
  • Feel in control of your decisions and choices
  • Feel committed in moving your life forward in a positive direction
  • Feel at peace with direction


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