Pythagorias of Samos first investigated sound therapy in 600BC. Today we understand the benefits of sound therapy and many forms of the therapy exist today from Indian playing sitar music, tuning forks, chanting and singing bowls.

The belief is the different frequencies and pitches of sound bring a state of harmony to allow specific healing to occur. Most healing using sound therapy will focus on neurological disorders, tinnitus, vertigo and dizziness.

Your Sound Healing practitioner will ask some basic questions on areas you may want to work on, where you feel pain or blockages.

You will be asked to lie down as the session begins. Depending on you specific issues, your practitioner will use a range of different methods to bring different vibrations and sound through your body.

Often your practitioner will begin with their voice. They will chant and sing different sounds and words to begin lifting your vibrations and energy. Though it may feel odd to begin with, your primary job is just relax and/or meditate and allow your practitioner to do what they do best.

As your session continues your practitioner will use different modalities such as tuning forks, instruments or Tibetan bowls to enhance the flow of frequency and vibration through your being.

Your session will last for around 60 minutes and you will feel relaxed with a clearer mind after it.

  • Influences and aligns all cells in your body
  • Clears out negative energy
  • Balances your brain
  • Relaxes your nervous system and reduces stress
  • Allows you link with your higher self
  • Improved sleep
  • Improves the flow of Chi in our body thus strengths our immune system
  • Eliminates blockages
  • Helps recover from trauma, illness and grief


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