Reiki is a healing and personal growth system through energy work. Reiki practitioners lay hand on or just above you to promote healing, wellbeing and relaxation. Through this practice Reiki energy (also known as Chi, universal energy or vital energy) is channeled through the practitioner’s crown chakra and sent through the hands into you. Because this energy has dynamic intelligence beyond that of human knowledge the energy will only do right and good. It aligns your energy flow and heals the body in an effective manner.

Energy work corresponds across cultures, eras and religions. Thousands of years ago the Tibetans formulated the understanding of spirit, matter and energy and the harmonization of the three. Using these in conjunction they found they were able to heal and promote wellbeing. Thousands of years later this practice is still exercised and you can gain the benefits of it.

Reiki is beneficial to every living thing: people, animals and plants. Reiki is easy to learn and only benefits your life.

Your Reiki practitioner will welcome you to lie on a massage table. You will be fully dressed during the session. Your reiki practitioner will traditionally begin at the head and move down the body to the feet.

They will lay their hands on your person or just above and you will feel a warm energy flow into your body. The feeling is relaxing and pleasant. Because Reiki is a healing system, one that heals your mind and body, you may feel emotional during the session. Relax and go with the flow, if you need to laugh, cry or breath deeply, do so. Your practitioner is well versed in all types of responses and will create a space where that reaction is okay.

You may not experience any of these emotions, but only as sense of deep relaxation, that’s okay too, just close your eyes and enjoy the healing. Your Reiki session will last between 30-60 minutes, after which you will be asked to get up slows so you aren’t dizzy and a glass of water will help ground you again.

You will leave feeling quite blissful and relaxed.

  • Deep relaxation
  • Healing your body
  • Healing your emotions
  • Improved sleep
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Feel at peace and connected with the universal energy


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