Rebirthing is a simple breathing process invented by Leonard Orr in the 1970’s. The breathing process is designed to release emotional stress, trauma and addresses our life as a whole experience.


Leonard Orr promotes circular breathing to increase the oxygen in our cells, recreating an environment we experienced in the womb. Many people experience a difficult birth and the philosophy behind it is we then formulate concepts such as “life is a struggle”. Using the circular breathing technique we reawaken that time before birth and then move to the here and now. This process allows our minds to come up with a new mantra. The physical and emotional feeling of the easy transition helps the mantra embed itself into life, thus naturally creating a path for change.


Rebirthing allows us to see, feel and hear our experiences through fresh eyes. It encourages us to use the breath of life to learn to enjoy abundance, joy and success in our lives.

Firstly as a point of safety, you should never be restrained in any way during a rebirthing session. Children should never be in a session without their primary guardian present.


Your practitioner will assess if a rebirthing session is really necessary for you. They will want to know your medical history, your lifestyle and life patterns.


You will have between 2-5 sessions in total to work through the issue. The first session you will focus on learning how to breathe in the connected way (circulatory breathing). Once you have mastered this you will be taken through a longer session where you will feel tingling and possible tension as the energy builds. Your rebirther will then push you to intensify that feeling; this will result in a physical, mental or emotional release. After you’ve experienced that release you will feel a sense of calm and relaxation.


Sometimes you will need a few sessions to break through the issue, your practitioner will guide you through the process and work with you to create the best outcome for you.

  • Reduce high stress
  • Better private and professional relationships
  • Dissolve emotional blockages
  • Overcome damaging beliefs and behavior patterns
  • Improve your ability to battle illness
  • Gain a growing sense of core inner peace


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