Psychic reading is a where the practitioner utilizes the ancient art of divination more commonly known now as ESP to assist you in making better and more informed decisions in your life.

The ability to connect in with the spiritual energy has been used for thousands of years. Your psychic will tap into this energy and either see, hear or feel what is happening in the energy around you. They use this to assist you in your decision and to help you gain clarity around things that don’t make sense.

It is wise to wait around 12 months between readings to allow for energy to settle into place. Having too many readings becomes like an addiction and doesn’t serve you well. Most psychics recommend at least 8 months between readings, unless there is a specific issue that needs to be addressed outside of what was discussed before.

Each psychic is a little bit different in how they gain the information. Some psychics will use items such as tarot cards, crystal ball, flowers, tea leaves, coffee granules, draw, paint or even an item of jewelry to tap into the energy. Usually psychics don’t need these tools, but use them for show to assist Others may just intuitively know, but use items for show or inspiration.

The psychic will generally ask you a lot of questions about where you’re up to and what you would like to focus on. Being with a psychic isn’t about being hidden with your information, you generally lay in on the table and the psychic will tune into what has good or negative energy around it.

A psychic reading will last between 30-60 minutes.

  • Feeling connected with the universal energy
  • Get answers to questions and issues you have
  • Have a better understanding of the behavior of those around you
  • Be made aware of upcoming opportunities and issues
  • Have a game plan of how to tackle the future


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