Pranic healing is an ancient energetic healing science that removes poor, diseased energy from the body and infuses it with Prana (energy). The Prana energy is positive life force energy knows as Chi, universal energy or breath of life. Many different forms of healing draw on this energy.

Pranic healing belief system is affirmed in healing the energetic body, will heal the physical body. It believes the two are united and when poor energy manifests into an ailment or disease, this energy needs to be removed and replaced with Prana. Once Prana energy has been established in the area, the body’s ability to heal itself is reinstated and the healing begins, usually quite quickly.

After speaking with your Pranic healing practitioner about your ailments, you will be seated where there is space around your chair for your practitioner to move.

Your practitioner will focus in on your energy and find the energetic “blocks”. Through the movement of their hands they shift poor energy and encourage the flow of Prana (also known as Chi). This in turns allows the body to heal itself.

The process takes between 30minute to an hour depending on how much energy work needs to be done.

The results have been widely documented and respected doctors in the western world have used Pranic healing in addition to their regular medicinal treatments with great success.

  • Has been known to heal Chronic conditions modern medicine can’t
  • A feeling of connection with the universal whole
  • Preventative maintenance
  • It is non-invasive
  • Holistic healing treatment
  • Distant healing available


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