Pilates is your flat abs secret weapon. Pilates focuses on building your core strength through controlled movement, poses and stretches. The strong focus of control, lean muscle command and the core centre, sets it’s movements apart from yoga.

Pilates incorporates a floor mat and sometimes various items to encourage improved flexibility, strength and mental awareness.

Developed in the early 20th Century to assist war casualties to rehabilitate quicker, the ideology and positive outcomes were adopted throughout the world. Today millions enjoy the ongoing benefits of Pilates and incorporate it into their lifestyle.

Pain. Good Pain.

A Pilates session is a focused workout. You will begin by laying on your back on the floor mat. Your pilates practitioner will start by bringing your awareness to your core centre, your abdominal area. You will be asked to lay in the Pilates neural position where you are on your back and your legs are bend up removing the arch in the lower back region. From here you will do a range of controlled movements all focused around your abdomen area.

As you build up your core strength with Pilates over the weeks, the sessions will hurt less and you will begin to notice your abs getting stronger and tighter.

Pilates isn’t a once off fix, it requires time and energy to be incorporated into your life.

  • It can be varied from more gentle exercise to more advanced
  • It is very safe
  • Recover injuries
  • Develops a solid core – flat abdominals and a strong back
  • It strengthens, improves muscle elasticity
  • Creates a conditioned body


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