Physiotherapy is a drug free scientific based therapy. Physiotherapy interprets the skeletal and muscle structure to determine where blocks are causing disease or musculoskeletal conditions. In short they encourage movement and function in the body where there are currently issues restricting the “normal” functionality.

Physiotherapy incorporates massage, exercises, electrical stimulation, taping, education, breathing techniques, manipulation, cold and hot therapies to encourage muscle movement and allow for the skeletal system to relax into the desired state.

Your physiotherapist will spend some time gaining your medical history, life style choices and where you think you have issues, restricted movement or tension.

They will ask you to lie on the massage table and traditionally being with a massage to assess the tightness of the specified area. The massage will be performed in short strokes and often focus on the sore or tight meridians where the “blocks” have manifested. If your physiotherapist cannot remove the block manually through massage, they will use other devices such as water based applications, heat treatment or electrical stimulation.

After the session your physiotherapist will traditionally show you some exercises you should to daily to assist the healing process. You will usually have a couple of session back in a short space of time to encourage the healing. After which you will be encourage to come when things aren’t feeling right, or every 6 weeks to keep things in line.

  • Increases muscle movement
  • Helps posture
  • Helps circulatory system
  • Helps your nervous system
  • Removes energy blocks
  • Relaxes your muscles and assists in better sleep
  • Rehabilitation of injury or after surgery
  • Maintenance of the best achievable health in people with chronic illness
  • Promotion of all round positive health


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