Past Life Regression is used to assist the healing of bodies and the emotional bond we have with our past lives especially from traumatic events. We all carry our past lives around with us and a good trained clairvoyant can take you back to that time in your life. The regressionists job is to steer you through the events especially those parts you do not want to look at. During the session you are there – in that moment – no trances – no hypnosis – no drugs – just following commands from your regressionist who can see it all as well. This is more about alleviating pain, diseases, fears & phobias than it is about knowing who you were in another life.

Kindly Contributed By: Joanne Palmer – Crossing Beyond 

You can expect relief from knowing where these emotions and fears come from. Your regressionist is very adept at looking into your past life files and finding the correct one to fix the problem you have. Although it is said that past life regression cannot be done on anyone under the age of 8 because they don’t have the attention span to follow commands, there has been success in turning back diseases & phobias in babies, toddlers and children. This is not a cure for all diseases however, with other healings it can work wonders. All of us know and feel there is a reason we are the way we are and most times we are searching for the answer and this will give you the answer. By fixing it back in the past, we can move forward into the future. Sessions usually take approximately 2 hours.

Kindly Contributed By: Joanne PalmerCrossing Beyond

Benefits are:

  • Finding out why we feel the way we do
  • Repairing the body
  • Taking away the emotional aspects of our fears and phobias
  • Understanding why we do what we do – in any area of your life
  • Clearing out the clutter we hang onto from lifetime to lifetime
  • Creating a clean slate

Kindly Contributed By: Joanne PalmerCrossing Beyond


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