A past life reading is where a clairvoyant, who specializes in this field, will channel into your energy and tell you about your past lives, the good and the challenges you may or may not have overcome.

Past life readings are particularly helpful for those people who notice a particular pattern in their lives, but can’t seem to break it. Often in this scenario the “stuck” energy that keeps cycling through is linked to one or more of our past lives.

When we discover the cause of our issues, we come closer to healing them. A gifted clairvoyant will assist in closing out the areas of our past lives that need healing. They will be able to detach the negative energy from you to help you move forward with power and conviction.

Your past life practitioner will ask you what reoccurring issues you’ve noticed in your life. This will form the basis of your reading. You will have had many previous lives, so this information gives your clairvoyant something to focus in on.

Your reading will traditionally go through 3-5 past lives and the duration of the reading will be anywhere between 60minute to two hours.

Your past life reading will be filled with pauses as your practitioner channels into the past energy and then communicates that to you.

You will not be disappointed with a past life reading performed by a good practitioner. The insights you get from your past lives will give you and understanding of what you are achieving in this life and why. This powerful reading can help to break negative energies that have attached themselves from past lives.

  • Feeling connected to the universe
  • Appreciation of what your soul’s journey has been
  • Learn why patterns happen in your current life
  • Release negative life patterns
  • Release negative energies from past lives
  • A deeper connection with yourself
  • A deeper connection with your life partner and family members
  • A deeper appreciation of yourself


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