Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP is the incorporation of language, neurology and programming to create new habits and positive changes in your life. NLP, just over 40 years old, yields strong results in behavioral changes.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is not used as a diagnostic rather, it is used in the healing of past issues in a efficient and effective manner. Issues, that could take councilors and psychologists years to work through, can often be overcome in one NLP session.

NLP is a dynamic treatment of resolving past issues, removing fears, changing unwanted behaviors, increasing motivation and focus, the list goes on.

Your NLP practitioner will want to spend some time getting to know you. They will want to know what you want to focus on. Your NLP practitioner will do a variety of exercises to understand how your thought process works. They will want to know any strong likes, dislikes, where that resides in the vision of your mind. They may ask you strange questions, like describing your favourite restaurant. Each of these questions is deliberate and assists in gathering the correct information to create tailor techniques to you.

Your NLP session will last around 1-2 hours, traditionally you will be asked to come back after a week to ensure in integration process has completed.

The NLP session will be different for everyone, depending on the concern. If you have an unwanted habit, your NLP practitioner may move the concept to another part of your brain to make it less attractive. If you have something that seems to be holding you back in life, your NLP practitioner may do some timeline work. If you have an allergy, your NLP practitioner will take you through a different process again.

  • Fast and lasting changes
  • All change work is done according to you and your requests
  • All works are tailored
  • No ongoing sessions needed
  • Create changes and outcomes you desire for your life
  • Feel in control of your life and your decisions
  • Replace poor habits with positive ones


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