Naturopathy is an alternative medical practice that takes a holistic action to wellness. Naturopathy is a drug free approach to the treatment and prevention of disease. Naturopaths will work together with your healthcare professionals to encourage healing and wellness throughout your body.

Your naturopath will focus restoring your body to optimum health to promote self-healing. The naturopathy philosophy focuses on the key areas of body, emotions and mind. Once those are in balance, the body can work at optimum levels and your immune system will naturally be enhanced.  Naturopaths study for up to four years for their qualifications and it is a well-respected industry.

Your practitioner will spend sometime getting to know your medical history. This will be quite detailed as it forms the basis of their treatment. You may be required to have blood tests to check for body imbalances. You will have your blood pressure taken and your naturopath may also check your energy meridians for blockages.

Once your naturopath has a full scope of your history, your ailments and imbalances the treatment will be tailored to your needs. Naturopath treatments may include herbal-based medicines, flower essences, homeopathy, nutritional, lifestyle and dietary advice, massage and hydrotherapy.

Your naturopathy session will always start with a couple of appointments in close proximity as your practitioner begins making immediate changes. As the changes take effect, your sessions will be spaced out accordingly, perhaps to twice a year. Naturopathy is not a quick fix, but a lifestyle change. It enhances your body’s natural healing process. Your first sessions will be around 1-2 hours, then down to 20-40 minutes there after.

  • Targets the root of illness
  • Safe for children and adults
  • Completely natural and drug-free treatment
  • Bring body, mind and emotions back into balance in a short period
  • Holistic healing approach


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