Myotherapy is a method for relieving pain by applying pressure to the trigger points throughout the body. The pain may be caused by occupational or other injuries as well as by disease, physical stress, and emotional stress. Trigger points seldom occur in the same place where the pain is felt.

Myotherapy is effective in removing 95% of all physical pain associated with muscle discomfort. It is successful in people suffering from many types of head, back, and neck pain. It also relieves the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. People suffering from multiple sclerosis experience reductions in swelling.

Athletes who undergo myotherapy often experience enhanced physical performance.

Your myotherapist will endeavour to restore your muscular working system to good working order. They will spend some time getting to know your medical history. This will be quite detailed as it forms the basis of your treatment. They will start by asking you several questions about your symptoms. Take along any X ray pictures which you may have and inform the 1myotherapist of any medication that you are taking.

During the consultation the myotherapist will examine and manipulate the muscles or joints which are affected and will also test your reflexes. This first examination is thorough and helps to determine whether your symptoms are myofascial.
Sessions usually last an hour and most patients with myofascial dysfunction can expect to feel pain relief within one to three sessions.

  • Increase range of movement
  • Increases muscle relaxation and reduces muscle fatigue
  • Reduce strain, discomfort and stiffness associated with physical activity
  • Reduce acute and chronic pain
  • Improve sleeping patterns
  • Increase blood flow to the surrounding muscles and its structure
  • Assist in the prevention of muscular injuries, aches and pain
  • Improve posture
  • Improve lymphatic flow and drainage
  • Promote immune system health and function, facilitating overall well-being
  • Decrease heart rate, blood pressure and variations in heart rate
  • Increase the healing response to injured areas
  • Decrease stress, depression and anxiety


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