A medium reading is where contact is made with those who have passed over. The medium is a channel that interprets messages from our loved ones. Mediums are like the modem to your Internet connection, they pass on the messages. Mediums do not link to your energy; they link in to the energy of those on the other side, which is what makes them different in psychics and clairvoyance.

A medium reading is very different to a clairvoyant or psychic reading. A medium reading links you in with those who have passed. Where as a psychic or clairvoyant will assist you in making decisions, alert you of upcoming events and guide you with different areas of your life.

Unlike many other techniques, the less a medium knows about you, the better.

Your medium will welcome you to sit down and almost immediately go into a channeling process or meditative state to allow the process of channeling loved ones to begin.

Each medium will have a different way of interpreting the information as it comes through. Some mediums are clairaudient (will hear the messages), clairvoyant (see images and symbols) or clairsentience (sense the messages).

Your medium will give information of who they are communicating with, it might be a birth month and a first name, it might be the place of birth or a significant anniversary. These will help you establish whom you are communicating with. Your medium will give you personal information about the person, or their connection with you so you can be confident you have a direct line to that person.

Your medium will pass on messages from the person they have linked in with. During a reading your medium may make contact with only one person, or sometimes up to four people.

A reading takes around 60 minutes.

  • Sense of ease knowing those you love are okay
  • Connections with ancestors and those you love
  • Helps you through the grieving process better
  • Allows you to feel connected to the whole
  • Gives you an understanding of that there is more that what we see
  • Knowing those you love are around you
  • Gives a sense of peace


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