Kinesiology is the study of muscle movement through a technique called biofeedback to find the imbalances in your body. Kinesiology uses the premise that the body is a wonderful healing machine and when blocks occur, that causes the body to stop healing itself.

The process of Kinesiology is to find those blocks and reverse them. Practitioners may specialize in various areas such as neurology, however the overall technique of kinesiology makes it one of the fastest growing alternative medicines available.

The purpose of the kinesiology is to find balance in the body to restore the natural flow of chi. It believes that blocks or stress cause the flow of energy to slow down and result in an imbalance or “malfunction” in your system. These will play out as physical pain or some form of dis-ease. They may even present as relationship issues, depression, nervous system issues, circulatory system issues, heart conditions, allergies, the list goes on and on.

Your Kinesiology practitioner will spend a good half an hour of your first session asking a range of questions about your overall health, mental concerns, stress levels, sleep patterns, lifestyle choices etc.

When your practitioner is satisfied they have all the information to proceed, they will ask you to lie on a massage table fully dressed, or sit in a chair. They will ask you at different stages to hold up your arms, apply pressure in different ways against their hands and breath deeply. Your Kinesiology practitioner will hold different parts of your body, wave arms around you to release different energy.

The session will take about 30-60 minutes and you will need grounding afterwards. You will leave the session feeling quite blissful and content. Often you will be asked to come back for one more session, then come when things don’t feel quite right.

  • Improve learning
  • Boost activities performance
  • Help to release emotional, physical and thought stress
  • Help in decision-making
  • Figuring out and eliminate hypersensitive reactions (IMRs)
  • Help heal past trauma or grief
  • Determine nutritional deficiency as well as excess
  • Help the recovery of muscle injuries
  • Aid in healing severe diseases


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