In short it Iridology is a means of coming to a diagnosis by examining the iris of the eye.

The iris is thought to be linked to and as such corresponds to various organs, tissues and even personality traits. Through the examination of the iris, the Iridologist can determine where in the body there are issues and unveil ways of solving them.

Although Iridology doesn’t diagnose disease, it will reveal weaknesses, inflammation or toxicity in organs or tissues allowing the practitioner to suggest supplements to support the good health of those organs or tissues that need attention.

Iridologists will track their patient’s health over time to ensure the supplements are working and assisting in the overall healing of the body.

It is more common now for practitioners to have a machine take a photo of your eye for the practitioner to examine in great detail.

  • A non-intrusive way discovering where toxicity or inflammation levels have built up in your body.
  • Tracking to ensure the supplements are making a positive difference.
  • Better understanding of your body and your personality traits.
  • Ongoing assurance that your body is health.


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