Crystal healing is where practitioners use crystals on different parts of the body focusing on the chakras and around the body on the energy grid. The use of crystals in this manner is to encourage healing, opening and cleansing of the chakras and energy field.

Each crystal has its own energy force and healing properties. Crystal healing utilizes that energy and channels it into you. Although crystal healing in itself hasn’t been known to cure major disease, when used in conjunction with other medicines or practices, the healing properties are highly beneficial and encourage healing faster and organically.

Your practitioner will spend time getting to know your medical history, ailments and concerns. They will want to understand your lifestyle and may suggest changes to encourage energetic transition to work together with the healing they will perform.

Once your practitioner has an understanding of your needs, they will select crystals to suit your healing process. Every client will have different crystals selected to personalize the healing process. The practitioner may clear the chakras to begin with using a clear quartz crystal. This crystal will traditionally be a pendulum. Once the chakras have been opened and aligned the practitioner will place the selected crystals on the chakras and around the energy field. They may incorporate reiki symbols to encourage and heighten the healing process.

You will be left alone with relaxing music for around 15 minutes as the energy of the crystals flow through you.

  • Removal of negative energy
  • Gentle realignment and balance of your chakras
  • Each healing is tailored to your individual needs
  • Increases your emotional wellbeing
  • Clears unwanted energy
  • Removes stress and negative vibration


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