Bowen therapy is a unique hands on technique that is both highly beneficial and relaxing. Bowen therapy focuses on the soft connective tissue of the body.

The belief is that if the soft tissue and muscle is encouraged to go back to where it needs to be, it will do so on it’s own accord. Your practitioner will work to encourage that movement. Bowen therapy works on treating causes rather than symptoms. Because it is gentle and safe it is used on new born babies right through to the elderly.

You will have a detailed conversation with your practitioner. They will want to know your medical history, what ailments you wish to address and what general lifestyle you lead. They will discuss what Bowen therapy is and their desired outcome for you.

You will then be asked to lie on the bed (fully clothed) and your practitioner will start looking at your skeletal frame: are your hips aligned etc. Once the session begins your practitioner will touch you in different places to encourage muscular movement back into its rightful place.

Your practitioner will touch you in a few places, then leave you for around 10 minutes to allow your muscles and soft tissue to move. They will then come and check to see if the movement has happened. It’s a slow process and if often feels like the practitioner isn’t doing a lot. However more is happening than it feels like. Your skeletal frame, muscles and soft tissue is being coxed back into alignment.

  • Cures back pain and sciatica
  • Cures digestive problems
  • Bowel problems also can be cured through Bowen therapy
  • It is used for treating earaches, migrations, and ear infections
  • It also helps to treat chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
  • It is very useful to treat problems related to knee, ankle, and foot
  • Hormonal and menstrual irregularities can be treated through Bowen Therapy
  • It is very helpful for treating all types neck/shoulder problems
  • It cures problems related to respiratory system
  • It heals sports and accident injuries
  • It has the ability to cure many other pains and injury related problems


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