Astrology has been a part of humanity for almost as long as humanity itself, early marking on cave walls over 25,000 years old show lunar cycles.

The development of Astrology as a study was first compiled in the ancient city of Babylon around 1700BC.

Today people continue to study the art in a more sophisticated manner; however Astrology still takes years to master.   There is no short cut in understanding the mastery behind it.

Your astrologist will want to know your birth date, time and where in the world you were born. They will plot this into a chart and relay it back to see your past, present and future occurrences.

These will be charted as major events or changes in the energy around you. They will be able to pinpoint when major events in different areas of your life could potentially occur.

Your Astrologer will be able to study different types of charts depending on what you want to focus on. Traditionally a natal chart will be prepared. This is an overall view of your life and occurrences that will likely take place.

You can ask your astrologer to examine a specific question or area in your life, or ask about a new beginning or relationship. These will fall outside of the traditional natal chart reading, so if you have something specific you want to focus on, let your astrologer know before your reading. They can then tailor the reading to your needs.

  • Understand cycles in your life better
  • Feeling of connectivity
  • Understand your life purpose
  • Gain a sense of responsibility and control in your life
  • Find answers to questions you have
  • Understand if your relationship will last
  • Understand why things move in a certain direction for you


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