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I am a Reiki Master in Fairy Meadow, Wollongong

REMOVE the Effects of Excess Stress from Your LIFE. Experience a more Restful Sleep. BALANCE Your Immune System FOR BETTER HEALTH.

REIKI is for you – Non-invasive. You are only required to remove your Watch and Shoes and Reiki can be performed with the client lying on a Reiki table or sitting in a chair.

REIKI assists with Relaxing during Study before and also as Distant Reiki in relationship to Exams, conducent with other relaxation practices. Thus allowing the Person to operate at Peak Performance.

Reiki is Safe for everyone from babies and children, to the elderly. Except Reiki is not to be performed on a person with a Pace-Maker.

REIKI is Universal and can be passed on to anyone.


Are you seeking to ESCAPE from the everyday STRESS in your LIFE?

Are you a MAN or WOMAN seeking to relieve the Stresses involved in WEDDING Planning?

Are you a STUDENT or TEACHER Stressed by your WORK or EXAMS?

Are you a NURSE or CARER in need of some TLC?

Are you an ATHLETE or TRAINER requiring focus towards PEAK PERFORMANCE, or have the need to tune out after a meet?

Individual Requirements Considered.

When energy blockages are removed , and Reiki energies are applied it works so well as an accompaniment to Western Medical Therapies. Integration of both methods creates a powerful healing environment.

Reiki brings forth a better frame of mind to participate in Meditation. In turn Meditation brings about an optimized outlook of Life.

I am a Reiki Master – I offer a brief Meditation prior to a Reiki Treatment if so desired – a Hand Rub is also available after a Reiki treatment. I am also a Therapist in doTERRA Aromatouch Technique which is a Back and Foot Rub with 8 Essential Oils and am an Essential Oil Consultant for several Essential Oil companies.

If you think I can be of Service to You and to Schedule Your Initial Consultation, please visit my Website listed under CONTACT in the above Menu and Go to ONLINE BOOKING Page. Alternatively why not give me a call or drop me an Email.

I hope to be of assistance to YOU.

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Cost Information
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Reiki Chi Assist
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Reiki Chi Assist


Reiki Chi Assist


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