MyHeaIingHub – A place dedicated to bring you
‘peace of mind, body and soul’.

MyHealingHub was founded from an “Aha!” moment in 2015. I wanted to create a platform that brought together holistic healing: ‘body, mind and soul’ in all its forms from the ancient to the modern.

I wanted to heal the world one person at a time.

How could I do all that?

  1. How about bringing together the best healers from around Australia in one central location: MyHealingHub, so those who need healing could easily find them.
  2. How about supporting those healers with marketing their business through social media and traditional advertising methods to create marketing mix that will bring people to their door.

What a challenge. Knowing that something good was going to be born, I surrounded myself with an awesome professional team to create MyHealingHub. We started this enterprise grassroots up. I personally spoke to hundreds of healers asking them to put their faith in MyHealingHub. Many of these healers are still with us today. I am both humbled and proud to have the honor of helping the healers of MyHealingHub lift their business profile while at the same time helping the general public easily find amazing healers.

Together with the growing MyHealingHub team, we work tirelessly to create a website that’s user friendly and that adapts to the needs of it’s users. We carefully plan our marketing strategy and are always there to assist our members when they need help.

Now, I invite you to explore MyHealingHub, find practitioners in your local area, suggest practitioners you feel would be an amazing fit and join up for our newsletter. We welcome contributions and embrace you into the MyHealingHub Community.

Thank you,


Kerstin Martins

Founder, MyHealingHub